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What You Need To Know About Personal Property Valuation provides insight into purposes and methods for personal property valuation. It also provides practical tips on when a personal property valuation is helpful and evaluates other opportunities such as cost segregation, depreciation, impairment of value, eliminating ghost assets, casualty losses, business valuations, business dissolution, divorce, estate taxes and detailed practical tips on personal property taxation.

Pat O’Connor approaches valuing personal property and reducing your property taxes from a practical perspective. While theoretical issues are discussed, the focus is on the mechanics of reducing your property taxes. Anyone who wants to value his personal property or reduce his property taxes can follow the steps presented in this book, whether the property is residential, commercial or business personal property.

With the knowledge gained from this book, you can protest your taxes with confidence and you will have a good chance for success

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big data in real estate

Pat O’Connor is co-author of Big Data in Real Estate: Be a Millionaire, the first book that explains everything from the basics of big data to how people are profiting from this revolution of technology and thought.

Big Data is here to stay, and will change the way we live, work and play. The processing of Big Data will help determine who to marry, where to live, where to retire, and what employment opportunities are available.

Big Data in Real Estate shows you how to harness data to allow you and your company to be proficient and become a millionaire through the efficiencies of Big Data. Whether you’re thinking about entering the business or you’re a 30-year veteran, this book covers who the players are in big data, technology, and real estate and how people are profiting from it. Throughout the centuries, real estate has been one of the principal ways for building and maintaining wealth. In the era of big data, the game is the same but the rules have changed. Big Data in Real Estate shows you how to navigate the Big Data landscape and the business opportunities that have arisen because of Big Data.

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Cut Your Texas Property Taxes – In 2001, O’Connor published the first definitive guide for Texas property owners to fight aggressively to lower their property taxes! This book will empower property owners to fight the appraisal district to reduce their assessed property value. All phases of the process are covered from start to finish. This is the most practical tool ever to help Texas property owners reduce their taxes for houses, commercial property, or business personal property.

Cut Your Texas Property Taxes is available for purchase on Pat O’Connor is in the middle of writing an updated book and is set to publish at the end of 2017.